NSPCC: Child abuse is not just from the past

The NSPCC is launching a campaign reminding people that sexual abuse against children is not just an "historical" problem.

The children's charity fears that following the Jimmy Savile scandal, where many of his victims were abused during the 1970s and 1980s, the public may wrongly believe that sexual abuse is not as common now as it was then.

The NSPCC is also worried that people still do not know where to go for help or that they will hesitate to report abuse until they feel 100 percent certain.

The NSPCC wants to remind people that child abuse is not just a problem from the past Credit: NSPCC/PA Wire

Director of the NSPCC Helpline Peter Watt said, "By bravely speaking out, Savile's victims have done a great public service in raising awareness of child sex abuse and its long-lasting, devastating effect on victims".

"Our advert aims to remind people that child abuse remains a widespread problem and children are still abused today", he said, adding, "We want to send out a clear message about how vitally important it is to act on your suspicions and that the NSPCC is here to help you do this".