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Polls puts UKIP in third place

UKIP has surged to a record poll rating, tipping the Liberal Democrats into fourth place, according to new polls.

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Opinion polls put UKIP as third party with 14% of vote

UKIP, the party lead by Nigel Farage, has surged to a record poll rating and placed in front of the Liberal Democrats in three surveys published this weekend.

The results of the Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday were:

  • Labour - 38%, Conservatives - 30%, UKIP - 14%, Lib Dems - 9%

The ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday and The Sunday Mirror placed the parties as follows:

  • Labour - 38%, Conservatives - 28%, UKIP - 14%, Lib Dems - 9%

While the results of Opinium for The Observer found:

  • Labour - 39%, Conservatives - 29%, UKIP - 14%, Lib Dems - 8%

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