Hogan-Howe: 'We need time to explain arrest'

Commenting on the recent arrest of of a PC over the alleged leak of information about Andrew Mitchells's tirade at police, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police said:

It’s quite difficult at the moment for a couple of reasons. First of all we’ve got a criminal investigation, I hope people understand. And secondly the IPCC are supervising that inquiry so we have to work within the constraints of that.

The only thing I can say is that I hope people can understand that when we’re able to explain why we made the arrest that it’s not all as it appears. At the moment we’re just trying to explain that. I understand that people have got the view that they’ve got about it being a whistleblower that we’ve arrested. That’s a small element of this but there are many more aspects which I hope people understand when we’re able to explain it in time. There’s no good compromising the investigation.

– Bernard Hogan-Howe