Lord McAlpine 'extremely hurt' by This Morning broadcast

Lord McAlpine felt Phillip Schofield's actions unintentionally encouraged viewers to search the web.

Sir Edward Garnier QC said Lord McAlpine remained extremely hurt and distressed by ITV's This Morning broadcast, in which Phillip Schofield passed Prime Minister David Cameron a card listing names associated with abuse allegations on the internet.

Sir Edward said ITV and Schofield accepted that Lord McAlpine's name appeared on the list, which was briefly visible to viewers.

He said Lord McAlpine considered that Schofield's statements and actions amounted to an encouragement, albeit unintended, to viewers to perform similar internet searches, causing other people to discover the link between the seriously defamatory allegations and himself.

On the same day as the broadcast, both ITV and Schofield publicly apologised, before a public apology was made directly to Lord McAlpine on November 22.