'Tesco-style' NHS proposed

Sir Bruce Keogh of the NHS commissioning board has said that the health service should move towards a seven-day model, and drew on Tesco as an example.

Surgeons could be asked to work around the clock Credit: PA Wire

He told the Sunday Times: “If you wanted a day case operation, and you didn’t want to take a day off work, why can’t you have it on a Saturday or Sunday?

“Tesco have had to go through this – it was a complex issue for them.”

However the British Medical Association (BMA) has rebuffed the comparison.

A spokeswoman said: “The health service is not Tesco — I don’t think that is a good comparison.

"As doctors, of course we want to improve services we offer patients, but there has to be investment in sources that underpin that.”


Weekend working plans for NHS

Routine NHS services are to be provided seven days a week, a new body has proposed.