1. Jon Clements

30 detectives working on Plebgate

The Met Police (MPS) now has 30 detectives investigating Plebgate with "numerous lines of inquiry" into what happened in Downing St three months ago.

The force has revealed the scope of its inquiry:

  • Identify the source of the information to The Sun and The Telegraph newspapers and whether this emanated from the MPS.
  • If the source of information did emanate from the MPS, to establish who leaked it and how it was done.
  • Alternatively, if the source of the leak was via a third party, establish who that was and how it was done.
  • To investigate the circumstances surrounding the Police Officer's claim to have witnessed the incident in Downing Street.
  • To establish if there is any evidence of a conspiracy between this officer and any other person.
  • Establish what, if any, criminal or misconduct offences are apparent.
  • Establish if there is any organisational learning as a result of this investigation.