1. Lucy Manning

Entwistle was warned about Savile before death

George Entwistle was warned there was "a darker side" of the Jimmy Savile story. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Perhaps the most startling information are emails sent to George Entwistle when he was BBC Director of Vision warning him before the Jimmy Savile tribute programmes were commissioned and aired that there was "a darker side of the story" about the presenter.

There was another email from a colleague in 2010, before Savile had died, telling Mr Entwistle: "I'd feel v queasy about an obit. I saw the real truth!!!"

The Pollard Report says this clearly raises questions for Mr Entwistle.

The email about the "darker side" of Savile shows "there was knowledge, not just rumour, within BBC Vision about the unsavoury side of Savile's character at the time the Christmas tribute programmes were planned."

And it says there were four opportunities for the BBC to look at whether the tribute programmes should have been commissioned and broadcast and they were all missed.