1. Lucy Manning

No pressure on Newsnight editor to drop Savile probe

Peter Rippon's decision to drop the Savile story was judged to be "seriously flawed". Credit: REX FEATURES

The Pollard Review contains criticism of former Director-General George Entwistle, Head of News Helen Boaden, her deputy Stephen Mitchell and Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon.

There is criticism of Mr Entwistle for an "unncessarily cautious" approach when Helen Boaden told him at a lunch of the Savile investigation.

BBC director of news Helen Boaden offered to resign over her role in the crisis. Credit: BBC

She is criticised for raising this in an inappropriate way, too casual and too fleeting. She is also criticised for not taking a more active role when the crisis hit the BBC. Ms Boaden, we learn, offered to resign if necessary, this wasn't accepted.

The Pollard report finds Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon's decision to drop the Savile story was "seriously flawed: he made a bad mistake in not examining the evidence properly."

But that there was no pressure on him by bosses to drop it.