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1.7% council spending cuts

Councils in England will see their spending power cut by 1.7% next year, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced today.

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  1. Debi Edward - ITV News Scotland Correspondent

Parents warn Government 'lay off our kids' over cuts

At the Nunsmoore centre in Newcastle, which provides child care support for children and parents from 0-12, there is a strong warning to the government to 'lay off our kids'

One mother Kerry Heron said;

"the cuts to local government are disgusting. My eldest will be without a play service next year thanks to these measures and I'm scared about what impact it's going to have on him - with almost all the libraries closing and the local pool too, where are our kids supposed to go?

"This is just going to lead to more antisocial behaviour and I worry what kind of future there is for my kids."

In Newcastle they are planning to start cutting back on not just discretionary services but statutory ones too.

The provision of child care support is among those being hardest hit.

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