Special education teacher Anne Marie Murphy buried today

52-year-old special education teacher Anne Marie Murphy Credit: Family handout

The funeral Anne Marie Murphy, a special education teacher who died trying to protect her Sandy Hook Elementary School students, will take place later today.

Murphy, a wife and mother of four, was found in her classroom, her body crumpled on top of those of the children for whom she acted as a human shield, according to a member of the emergency services who described the scene to her father, 86-year-old Hugh McGowan.

Yesterday the family of six-year-old Dylan Hockley, due to be buried tomorrow, said they took "great comfort" in knowing their son was not alone when he died. Murphy was among six teachers who died in the massacre. Her family said:

"She will be remembered for her love of the arts, walks in the outdoors and most importantly: her family, Anne is survived by her devoted husband, Michael, her loving children: Kelly, Colleen, Paige and Thomas."