'Catalogue of hospital failings' uncovered by legal action

A catalogue of failings uncovered by the mass legal action is one of the worst ever exposed at an NHS hospital, The Sunday Telegraph reported. It included:

  • A former nurse whose son said she died after being left unwashed for 11 weeks.
  • A 35-year-old father-of-four whose family told how he wasted away.
  • A pensioner who was left screaming in pain when his ribs were broken.
  • A man who could not feed himself.
  • A great-grandmother left permanently unable to walk.

The hospital has paid out £410,000 in 38 separate cases, with the largest settlement at £22,500.

Most are of about £10,000 for each family for the appalling conditions endured by patients from 2002 to November 2011.


'Disgust' at hospital failings

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he is "disgusted and appalled" at reports of patient neglect at a hospital in Worcestershire. The worst instance of mistreatment at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch was a patient starved to death.