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Boxing Day sales start early

The traditional Boxing Day sales have been brought forward to Christmas Eve. Dozens of retailers are trying to out-do each other and win customers' hard-earned cash.

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Your views: Shopping on Christmas Day

Some popular retailers are bringing their traditional Boxing Day sales forward this year, with some starting today.

Many people are also expected to snap up bargains on Christmas Day, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey has spoken out against the trend.

We asked viewers on our Facebook page, their thoughts on Christmas Day shopping?

I have to say I love the sales and there is nothing like getting a great bargain. I usually do my shopping with Next on Christmas day but this year it starts today at 3pm so it is fastest fingers first and a contented shopaholic.

– Sammie Engleby

Shopping on Christmas day are you serious!!

It is about spending time with your family not looking for bargains, I like a bargain as much as the next person, but you can't have much of a life if you really need that bargain on Christmas day and are to busy on the laptop instead of with your family just so wrong

– Kayleigh Taylor

If people want to shop online after munching Christmas dinner then why not?!

– Erin Hughes

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