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Hunt ban vote 'not imminent'

The Environment Secretary says there is no imminent prospect of a vote on repealing the hunting ban. But the Countryside Alliance say are they "confident" the ban will eventually be repealed.

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RSPCA: PM will 'lose' over vote on hunting

Animal welfare charity RSPCA's chief executive has called those who hunt "enemies of the animals" today, as an estimated 250,000 people are to take part on legal Boxing Day hunts across Britain. Gavin Grant told the Independent:

Those who get a kick out of it, those who consciously abuse animals for profit or for pleasure – they are the enemies of the animals, and that makes them the enemies of the RSPCA.

If the Prime Minister feels he wants to have his vote then let him have his vote. He will discover he’s going to lose and maybe that’s necessary to end this discussion about the Act.

– Gavin Grant, RSPCA's chief executive

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