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A&E plan to spot child abuse

All children who visit A&E hospital departments or have out-of-hours GP consultations will be logged in a national database in a bid to spot cases of child abuse or neglect early on.

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DoH: Records will help medical staff build a fuller picture

Childrens' visits to accident and emergency departments are to be logged Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Under the Government's new plans, a flag will appear on a child's medical record if they are subject to a child protection plan or are being looked after by the local authority

According to the Department of Health, doctors and nurses will be able to use this information as part of their overall clinical assessment, along with information about where and when children have previously been receiving urgent treatment.

This will help them build up a better picture of what is happening in the child's life so they can alert social services if they think something might be wrong.

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