Piers Morgan gets Twitter offers of asylum in case of deportation

The British TV presenter and former tabloid editor Piers Morgan has been deluged with offers after asking on Twitter where he should go if he is deported from the US.

A petition on the White House website, which calls for Mr Morgan to be deported because of comments he made about US gun laws, has gathered almost 80,000 signatures.


Extremely tempting > RT. @thehuntercry: @piersmorgan Come to Finland! We drink beer and fight with polar bears ;)


Deal-breaker, sorry > RT @djidjay: @piersmorgan you could come to France but not sure we’re ready for you. And we don’t have cricket.


Bless you > RT @parveenkalaar: I thought this was all a joke. My god piers you can come and live with me in Solihull. #totallynotkidding ?


Piers: 'I'm staying in US'

Over 100,000 Americans have signed a petition calling for the British CNN talkshow host Piers Morgan to be deported after his criticism of the country's gun control laws.