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Paralympian honours backlash

Leading Paralympian athletes have criticised what they believe to be inconsistencies in the sports-dominating New Years Honours list, where successful Paralympians missed out on top honours, with only cyclist Sarah Storey made a dame.

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Wiggins: Knighthood is 'an incredible honour'

Sir Bradley Wiggins has said of his knighthood:

I never ever imagined that I would ever become a knight so it's an incredible honour.

But there's a slight element of disbelief and it will take a while to sink in.

It's not something I'll use on a daily basis, but it's nice to have in the trophy cabinet as the ultimate accolade as a sportsman, being knighted by your country for not only the success this year but 12 years now of consistent work and performing - four Olympic Games, seven medals.

He added: "There was never any doubt whether I'd accept it or not, it was more a case that I never saw myself as a sir, and I probably never will."

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