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Tighter rules for plastic surgery

A ban on cut-price deals and a clampdown on aggressive sales techniques are among ideas submitted to a review of the cosmetic surgery industry following the PIP breast implant scandal. The review will publish recommendations in March.

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Cosmetic surgery 'sold like double glazing'

Defective silicone gel breast implants manufactured by French company (PIP) seen after being removed by a surgeon in Nice in January 2012 Credit: Reuters / Eric Galliard

A preliminary report from a review into the operating practices of the cosmetic surgery industry, ordered by the Health Secretary after the PIP implant scandal, has criticised the "aggressive marketing techniques" used to attract customers in the UK.

Science writer Vivienne Parry, one of the committee members leading the review, said:

"Aggressive marketing techniques are often used to maximise profit. This may be the right approach for selling double glazing but not for people having or considering whether to have surgery."

"Everyone who decides to have cosmetic surgery should have time to think about the risks. Time limited deals and offers on voucher websites pressure people to make snap decisions."

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