Protesters demand capital punishment after gang-rape death

The body of a woman, whose gang-rape provoked protests and rare national debate about violence against women in India, arrived back in New Delhi on Sunday and was cremated at a private ceremony.

Demonstrators hold candles during a candlelight vigil for a gang rape victim who was assaulted in New Delhi. Credit: Reuters

Scuffles broke out in central Delhi between police and protesters who say the government is doing too little to protect women.

But the 2,000-strong rally was confined to a single area, unlike last week when protests raged up throughout the capital.

A demonstrator breaks a police barricade during a protest in New Delhi. Credit: Reuters

Riot police manned barricades along streets leading to India Gate war memorial - a focal point for demonstrators - and, at another gathering point - the centuries-old Jantar Mantar - protesters held banners reading "We want justice!" and "Capital punishment".