Recap: What the fare rises could mean for you

A selection of the largest annual season ticket rail fare rises across the UK:

  • An annual ticket to travel from Tonbridge to London is rising 5.9% to £3,796.
  • Eastbourne to London Victoria is up 4.1% to £4,228.
  • Kettering to London is rising 4.7% to £6,220.
  • Ludlow to Hereford is up 5.3% to £1,992.
  • Peterbrough to London is up 4.2% to £6,888.
  • Cambridge to London is rising 3.8% to £4,400.
  • Gloucester to Birmingham is up 4.1% to £3,640.
  • Llanelli to Swansea is rising 5.4% to £624.
  • North Berwick to Edinburgh has risen to £1,604, a rise of 3.9%.
  • Stirling to Glasgow is up 3.9% to £1,916.

For a comprehensive list of the season ticket rises, visit Passenger Watchdog.


Call to end big rail fare hikes

Campaigners today urged an end to above-inflation rail fare rises amid widespread anger at continuing increases.