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Means-test winter fuel cash call

Winter fuel allowance should be means-tested to help pay for the reform of elderly care, according to the former Lib Dem minister Paul Burstow. But the Government says capping care costs still remains the best option.

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Alzheimer's Society: Talks on how benefits cake cut 'vital'

In response to former care services minister Paul Burstow's call for winter fuel payments for pensioners to be means-tested to help increase the elderly care pot, the Alzheimer's Society has said:

We can’t ignore that millions of people, including many people with dementia, are being denied access to essential care because of the colossal hole in the adult social care funding pot.

Discussing how we cut the cake in terms of where money is spent, including benefits for older people, is therefore vital.

However, these discussions should not be held in isolation. The only way to achieve a long term sustainable solution is for all the political parties to agree on a complete and achievable package of funding. People’s lives depend on it.'

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