Labour MP: Real money needed to avoid elderly care 'crash'

In response to Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow's call for winter fuel payment curbs to help fund elderly care costs, Labour MP Paul Flynn tweeted:


Why didn't Paul Burstow insist on cutting winter fuel allowance when he was a Minister? Today's cynical stunt aimed at embarrassing PM?


Real money needed to avoid train crash of elderly care. Best is to end punching above weight that mean war spending beyond our interests.


Military costs in Afghanistan = £17bn enough to avoid cutting Fuel Allowance for decade. Afghan peace dividend to be squandered on new wars?


Means-test winter fuel cash call

Winter fuel allowance should be means-tested to help pay for the reform of elderly care, according to the former Lib Dem minister Paul Burstow. But the Government says capping care costs still remains the best option.