Pensions expert on winter fuel payment conundrum

In response to calls for winter fuel benefit to be means-tested, Ros Altmann, the Director-General of the Saga Group who formerly advised the Government on pensions, has tweeted:


So, if you save for your future, you lose your Winter Fuel Payment, if you just rely on the state pension you get the money!


We shd tax pensioner benfits to raise revenue, can increase age of entitlement too, but must reduce means-test, not increase


If pensioners lose Winter Fuel Payments, more will become ill of cold-related diseases, that could worsen care crisis!!


Means-test winter fuel cash call

Winter fuel allowance should be means-tested to help pay for the reform of elderly care, according to the former Lib Dem minister Paul Burstow. But the Government says capping care costs still remains the best option.