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Guides consider atheists oath

The Girl Guides Association is launching a consultation to see if its members would support an alternative oath for those who feel unable to pledge a "duty to God". A similar consultation was launched by the Scouts a month ago.

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Guide leaders 'struggle' with religious oath

The Girl Guiding Association says that the online consultation on the future of the organisation's oath of allegiance will allow them to match their members needs better.

The Promise is guiding's beating heart - it is the core expression of values and the common standard that brings everyone in guiding together.

Over the past few years we have heard from more and more girls and leaders who struggle with the wording, particularly in interpreting what it really means to girls today.

Girlguiding UK is committed to retaining a Promise that is in line with its original principles, but we know it is crucial that girls and young women understand and believe in the words they say.

– Girlguiding UK statement

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