Report: Four dead, including gunman, in Aurora hostage situation

Police in Aurora said four people, including a gunman, are dead after a stand-off at a Colorado home.

Melissa Blasius, a reporter for Colorado's 9 News, has tweeted:


Aurora hostage situation over. Four people dead including gunman. #9NEWS


Aurora PD says one survivor got out of townhouse early this morning. Police say she reported 3 lifeless bodies and gunman. #9NEWS


Aurora PD shot and killed barricaded man about 8:30 a.m. Officers say he had shot at them and would't come out even when tear gassed #9NEWS


Four dead in Aurora shootings

Four people have been found dead following a shooting incident that triggered a stand-off with police in Aurora, Colorado, the same town where a man shot dead 12 people in a cinema in July last year.