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Cameron wants seven more years

David Cameron has indicated he wants to serve in No 10 until 2020 as he prepares to unveil a review of how the Coalition has performed.

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Coalition failed to deliver change it promised, say Labour

Labour's vice chairman Michael Dugher has said Prime Minister David Cameron's Coalition government has failed to install the change it promised.

Another year, another relaunch and still none of the change that David Cameron and Nick Clegg promised.They said they'd fix the economy. But living standards are still falling for the hard-working majority whilst a handful of millionaires get huge tax cuts.

They said they'd fix welfare, but the welfare bill had gone up, not down.

They said they would protect the NHS and then sacked nurses.

Families who put their trust in David Cameron and Nick Clegg's promises of change will be bitterly disappointed to see that another relaunch is all they are offering.

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