Race2Recovery team begin Dakar Rally adventure

The Race2Recovery team, who are hoping to become the first disability team to complete the Dakar Rally, said that they have almost completed the first stage of the race.

On the team's Facebook page, a message said: "Welcome to all our new followers. Our 4 Wildcats, each with an injured soldier as co-driver or driver, has completed stage one at Pisco, Peru on the Dakar Rally. We just await the arrival of our truck no. 575.".

A Twitter message later added:


We're signing off for a little while, just waiting for confirmation of results on car 373 and truck 575, but we'll... http://t.co/vRetT0PE


Soldiers injured in Dakar crash

Three members of the Race2Recovery team who are attempting to complete the Dakar Rally for charity have been injured in a head-on collision in Peru.