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Child benefit cuts take effect

The coalition Government came under a sustained attack today for a raft of welfare reforms that critics claim are punishing the poor and hitting women hardest.

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Tory Chairman: 'I feel the pain' of child benefit reforms

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps indicated the child benefit reforms had been unpopular in his own home and said he feels "the pain" of the cut.

He told the World this Weekend:

I speak as one of the 15% of parents who is losing child benefit. I have three children, I have just filled in the form. I totally understand and get how frustrating these things are.

Nobody wants to lose money, nobody wants to lose the income. The reality is if you are losing child benefit you are by de facto in a somewhat better position than other people, which is why this policy commands overall support from the public.

I am one of the people affected. I won't quite go as far as sharing the conversation between me and my wife but I feel the pain.

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