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Child benefit cuts take effect

The coalition Government came under a sustained attack today for a raft of welfare reforms that critics claim are punishing the poor and hitting women hardest.

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Government is 'punishing the most vulnerable in society'

Today’s reform will not hit low income women because they are living on wages far below that and severely struggling to get by. We are most concerned about MPs’ vote tomorrow on a three-year 1% rise in benefits, which will further push working families and women on low incomes towards crisis point, due to cuts in real terms.

The government is punishing the most vulnerable in society, overwhelmingly women and children, not the workshy nor feckless. Whilst we appreciate the economic challenges facing the country we must question policies which seek to remedy the mistakes of the most powerful off the backs of the least powerful. Women’s organisations will be hard pushed to pick up the pieces of the drip drip effect of a whole raft of Coalition policies on women and children and we fear for the wellbeing of whole communities in our country.

– Vivienne Hayes, Chief Executive of the Women’s Resource Centre

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