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MPs vote for 1% benefits cap

MPs have voted in favour of a proposed 1 per cent cap on raising benefits by a majority of 56. Ministers say the cap is needed because it is unfair that state handouts have been rising twice as fast as wages during recent years of austerity.

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Children's Commissioner: Benefits cap could hit poorest families

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Maggie Atkinson, has said she is concerned that the benefits cap will have the "greatest impact" on "children living in families on low incomes".

In a statement she said:

There is emerging evidence from schools that some children are going hungry and do not have appropriate clothing because parents and carers can simply no longer afford them ...

I oppose measures which are likely to drive more children into poverty, reduce their life chances and restrict access to an adequate standard of living.

It is unacceptable that children should have to pay the price for the economic malaise of our country.

– Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England

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