Plastic bullets fired on fifth night of Belfast violence

Baton rounds have been fired and water cannons deployed by police on rioters as violence over the Union Flag flared up in Belfast for the fifth successive night.

It came after hundreds of loyalists staged a mainly peaceful protest at Belfast City Hall.

Burning barricades on the Newtownards Road in Belfast Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire
Loyalist Flag protestors, at Belfast City Hall, a month after the City Council decided to fly the union flag on designated days only Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire
A Loyalist Flag protestor, on the wall of Belfast City Hall Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire

As around 250 demonstrators from east Belfast returned from the city past a volatile community interface, disorder struck.

In the last five weeks, around 100 people have been arrested, with more than 60 police officers have been injured in flag-related unrest.