Clegg warned over royal succession reforms

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been warned that Government plans to change the laws of royal succession will put future monarchs in the "invidious" position of having to decide whether to veto the marriage plans of their children and grandchildren.

Appearing before the committee, the Deputy Prime Minister faced criticism for the Government's plans to rush the Succession to the Crown Bill through the House of Commons in a single day.

Nick Clegg is responsible for ensuring new legislation is put in place Credit: Press Assocation

Former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said plans to fast-track the legislation were "worrying", while Lord Crickhowell said he was "concerned" that Parliament was not being given enough time to secure satisfactory answers from ministers about the changes they are proposing.

A member of the House of Lords Constitution Committee also warned that the lifting of a historical ban on heirs to the throne marrying Catholics could bring into question the Church of England's position as the established church.