Audit shows Government's missed pledges

The Coalition has failed to meet pledges made on lobbying, fox-hunting, and providing anonymity for rape defendants, among others. Here are some of the promises made in 2010 measured against delivery so far:

Pledges versus practice

  • We will cancel the third runway at Heathrow: The Coalition has not proceeded with a third runway, but "recognises that we must address the issue of future airport capacity, and we are committed to doing so."
  • We will bring forward a free vote enabling the House to express its view on a repeal of the Hunting Act: "This proposal has not been taken forward."
  • We will extend anonymity in rape cases to defendants: An assessment found "insufficient evidence" of the value of doing so, and this plan was shelved.
  • We will regulate lobbying through introducing a statutory register of lobbyists and ensuring greater transparency: A consultation and summary was published on July 16. The Government is "now considering the evidence provided."