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Lawrence brother Met race claim

Stephen Lawrence's brother has claimed he has been stopped by police up to 25 times because of his skin colour as he launches a legal battle against the Metropolitan Police.

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Lawrence complaint is 'a very serious matter'

In response to claims that Stuart Lawrence, whose brother Stephen was killed in a racist attack, has been stopped more than 25 times by police.

Mr Lawrence's complaint, which we received last night, is a very serious matter and it will be investigated thoroughly and speedily.

Stop and search is an important tool to combat crime and is supported by the community if it is used professionally and fairly. Officers are accountable for their actions and it is therefore essential complaints such as these are fully investigated.

The Commissioner has made it clear that he will not tolerate any form of racism in the MPS. Strong action will be taken against any individuals in the MPS if they are found to have acted in a racist manner.

– Metropolitan Police Service

Mr Lawrence has claimed he is being targeted because he is black.

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