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Asteroid flying past Earth

A 900 foot wide asteroid made the latest in a series of close approaches to Earth tonight. There is a chance it could collide with the Earth in 2036.

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Experts will assess risk of asteroid impact in 2036

The current approach of Asteroid Apophis is important as it gives experts the chance to examine it and assess how great the risk to us is in 2036.

  • This is not the first time Apophis has approached earth, discovered in 2004 by astronomers, Apophis was calculated at the time to have a one in forty five chance of it hitting the Earth in 2029
  • Improved prediction models have eliminated those concerns, but there still is a chance Apophis could impact Earth sometime in the distant future, perhaps as soon as 2036
  • This time, the asteroid will pass within nine million miles from the Earth, according to NASA, this is close enough that the asteroid was designated a "potentially hazardous" asteroid

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