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Kate official portrait unveiled

The Duchess of Cambridge has described her first official portrait, which was unveiled today, as "amazing".

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Art critics disappointed by Kate's 'rotten portrait'

Art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who writes for The Sunday Times, said the Duchess of Cambridge had been "let down" by her first official portrait. He told BBC News:

I was disappointed, to be honest. I have been waiting for it, like everybody else, with great expectation because the Duchess of Cambridge is someone who we know likes art and was presumably going to be an enlightened patron.

But I think she's been let down really by the picture. In the end it's yet another pretty ordinary painting of a royal of the sort that we've been really churning out for the last few hundred years in Britain.

It made her look sort of older than she is and her eyes don't sparkle in the way that they do. There's something rather dour about the face.

– Waldemar Januszczak

The Daily Mail art critic and editor of the British Art Journal Robin Simon also expressed his disappointment.

I'm really sad to say this is a rotten portrait. Fortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge looks nothing like this in real life.

– Robin Simon

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