Hospital 'sent patient on 23-mile walk home'

Peter Rees, who claims he was sent home from Glangwili's accident and emergency unit in the early hours of New Year's Day without being offered any help to get home, said he was in danger whilst trying to walk home.

I was literally clinging on to bramble bushes as I edged along the hedgerow in the face of oncoming traffic. I was shattered, freezing, I felt giddy and I lost my footing more than once.

Mr Rees had been at home in the village of Llanwrda, near Llandeilo, on New Year's Eve when he was hit by a bout of uncontrollable coughing and shortness of breath. He was examined by a paramedic at home, who called for an ambulance to admit him to hospital.

After X-rays, blood tests and an examination Mr Rees was told he could go home.

He said he walked 10 miles before encountering a police officer who urged him not to walk any further because it was "too dangerous".


Patient's 23-mile walk home

Officials say they are investigating claims a patient admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties was forced to do a 23-mile journey home on foot.