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Kate official portrait unveiled

The Duchess of Cambridge has described her first official portrait, which was unveiled today, as "amazing".

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Artist 'very happy' Kate pleased with portrait

The Duchess of Cambridge described the portrait as "amazing" Credit: John Stillwell / PA Wire

Award-winning artist Paul Emsley said he was "very happy" the Duchess of Cambridge liked his portrait. Speaking to reporters at the unveiling of Kate's first official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery, he said:

"I think, from what I can see this morning, she's delighted with it. I'm very happy about that."

"A person whose image is so pervasive, for an artist it is really difficult to go beyond that and find something which is original - you have to rely on your technique and your artistic instincts to do that and I hope I've succeeded."

Artist Paul Emsley by his new portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge Credit: John Stillwell / PA Wire

Talking about the how he composed the painting, Emsley said:

"In discussions it became clear that what she wanted herself, and I was very happy with that, was that the portrait should convey her natural self as opposed to her official self."

"The fact she is a beautiful woman is for an artist difficult. In the end I think what I tried to do really was to convey something about her warmth and her smile."

The Duchess of Cambridge and artist Paul Emsley Credit: John Stillwell / PA Wire

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