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Kate official portrait unveiled

The Duchess of Cambridge has described her first official portrait, which was unveiled today, as "amazing".

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Royal artist praises 'extremely warm' Kate portrait

Britain's most prolific royal portrait artist has praised the first official painting of the Duchess of Cambridge, calling it "extremely warm."

Richard Stone, who has painted most members of the Royal Family during the past three decades, said the work by Paul Emsley had captured Kate's evident approachability.

I liked it, very much so. So often with official portraits they can be rather stiff and starchy, but this has a lovely informality about it, and a warmth to it.

I haven't met the Duchess of Cambridge, but by all accounts and obviously from the photographs and on television, she comes across as an extremely warm and approachable person, and that seems to be exactly what he has captured.

It was jolly brave of him to paint it well over life size, because that's extremely difficult. It's very challenging to do something larger than life, and he seems to have pulled it off very well.

– Richard Stone

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