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Kate official portrait unveiled

The Duchess of Cambridge has described her first official portrait, which was unveiled today, as "amazing".

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Social media users criticise Kate portrait

We asked our Facebook followers what they thought of the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge. The majority of comments were negative, here are a selection:

It doesn't even look like her. Look at the bags and wrinkles under her eyes and the artist has aged her by at least 10 years. I can't imagine she's overly thrilled by this.

– Lou Jammaz

Looks like she could do with a good night's sleep. The artist obviously has talent - I couldn't do a portrait of a stick man - but it's not very flattering is it?

– Elizabeth Cooper

Not good, the artist obviously has talent but hasn't injected any life into the portrait. As others have said, it makes her look old and tired.

– Val Walton

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