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Obama: 'War will end in 2014'

President Barack Obama said America's war in Afghanistan will be over next year. Obama said that the goal of ensuring al-Qaida will never again use Afghanistan to launch attacks against America is within reach.

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Karzai: Afghanistan's progress thanks to US help

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told an audience at Washington's Georgetown University that his country's progress over the last 10 years would not have been possible without help from the US.

He said that regardless of how individual Afghans may feel about the continuing American presence, the country was grateful for bringing an end to Taliban rule.

Karzai added, "The most recent period of the suffering of the Afghan history is behind us. A new period is beginning ... where your sons and daughters will no longer be burdened with protecting Afghanistan, where the Afghan sons and daughters will take the mantle and will move forward".

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