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Minister visits MortonHall

Today Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill meets campaigners to discuss the baby ashes scandal at MortonHall Crematorium. An investigation was launched into why the cremated remains of infants were buried in an Edinburgh mass grave.

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100,000 records revisited over MortonHall scandal

  • An investigation was launched in December 2012 after bereavement charity Sands discovered staff at the council-run crematorium had buried cremated remains of babies in a mass grave, without parents being informed
  • Edinburgh council issued an independent review, auditors are currently looking through 100,000 records that date back as far as the 1960s
  • A petition by campaigners for a public inquiry has gained more than 3,000 signatures
  • Initial findings suggest other local authority crematoriums may have had similar policies: Aberdeen, Fife and Argyll and Bute councils have admitted they routinely do not return ashes
  • The council said it is now looking into installing a memorial in the garden of remembrance as a 'mark of respect'

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