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Pensions shake-up unveiled

Details of a shake-up of the state pension have been unveiled by the Government. A single flat rate, equivalent to around £144 in today's money, is set to be introduced for new pensioners from 2017 in a bid to simplify the system.

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429,000 women among 'losers' of pension reform

Labour claims more than 400,000 women on the verge of retirement will miss out under the Government's pensions reforms. Shadow Pensions Minister, Gregg McClymont, said the plan would create "steep cliff edges and significant costs".

Even at my speed reading of today's White Paper there will be heavy losers, steep cliff ledges and significant costs if this proposal goes ahead. For example, the briefing from the Government over the weekend was at pains to emphasise the women-friendly aspect of these measures.

But can I ask you directly about the 429,000 born between 6 April 1952 and 6 July 1953? Is it the case that these 429,000 women will not qualify for the single tier state pension, yet men born (between) the same dates will do so? Is that the case?

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