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'Alzheimer's drink' launched

A milkshake, said to reduce symptoms of early Alzheimer's, will go on sale today. The drink, called Souvenaid, costs £3.49 per bottle and the makers claim the mixture of nutrients can help build connections in the brain.

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Alzheimer's Society warning over new drink

A drink designed to reduce the symptoms of early dementia will go on sale today.

It is claimed that it can help build new connections to the brain, which could help reduce memory loss.

However the Alzheimer's Society have warned people not to believe that the drink will, "transform the lives of people with dementia."

People shouldn't get excited that an off-the-shelf drink is going to transform the lives of people with dementia.

While past studies of this product have showed some benefits for memory, there is no evidence that it has an effect on other aspects of thinking or everyday life and there was also no benefit on other symptoms of dementia.

For many older people with dementia where finances might be tight, people are probably much better off putting their money towards good quality care or taking part in exercise.

– Prof. Clive Ballard, director of research at the Alzheimer's Society

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