Tesco boss 'angry' about horsemeat scandal

Tesco CEO Philip Clarke has blogged about his feelings on the horsemeat scandal.

He said the company was taking every step to regain the trust of customers, and understood why the public felt angry at the supermarket, but said the company felt angry as well.

Trust is essential. As a customer, you need to know that the food you buy and consume is what it says it is.

Trust is hard won and easily lost. Our customers trust us that, if something goes wrong, Tesco will go above and beyond what is merely necessary to look after customers and will do the right thing, immediately and wholeheartedly.

If some of our customers are angry, so are we. We expect our suppliers to deliver to a standard, and to meet basic food traceability rules. But our customers shop with Tesco, not our suppliers, so you won’t find us hiding behind suppliers. It’s our job to ensure they are meeting our high standards.