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Supermarkets horsemeat scare

Waitrose has become the latest supermarket to pull beef burgers from its selves in the horsemeat scare. The Food Standards Agency is investigating the discovery of horse DNA in beef burger products.

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Horsemeat burgers: The FSA's four point plan revealed

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has set out a four point plan for its investigation into the discovery of horse DNA in beef burger products, Environment Minister David Heath has said.

The FSA will:

  • Continue its urgent review - the retailers named in the survey have been asked to provide comprehensive information on the findings by the end of Friday.
  • Explore further the methodology used by the survey to understand the factors that may have led to cases of cross-contamination.
  • Consider whether any legal action is appropriate following the investigation.
  • Work with local and central Government on a UK-wide study of food authenticity in processed meat products.

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