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Lance Armstrong 'ashamed'

Lance Armstrong said he felt "ashamed and humbled" during the second round of his interview with Oprah. He said he would like to return to competitive sport, and became emotional whilst talking of the impact of the scandal on his family.

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Lance Armstrong: 'Do I want to compete again - hell yes'

When asked about whether he was doing the interview with Oprah so that he would be able to race again, Lance Armstrong replied 'hell yes'.

Do I want to compete again. The answer is 'hell yes. I am a competitor. It's what I have done my whole life. I love to train, I love to race, I love to tow the line. I don't expect it to happen. Not the Tour de France, but there are a lot of other things that I could do, but I can't. With this penalty, with this punishment - and I made my bed - but if there was ever window, would I like to run the Chicago marathon when I am 50? I would love to do that, and I can't.

– Lance Armstrong

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