Tempers fray as Heathrow flight backlog causes delays

Tempers were becoming frayed in Terminal 5, with winding queues resulting in accusations of queue-jumping by frustrated passengers.

People queuing to check in at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Steve Greenwood, from Yorkshire, shouted at a group of passengers he and others believed were queue-jumping, saying they "just push in where they want".

Clearly frustrated, Mr Greenwood, who had been standing in the queue for more than half an hour.

Stranded passengers sleep in the arrivals hall at Terminal 5 Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

One Australian man on his way to a conference in Geneva, who asked to be unnamed, remained lighthearted, saying: "We've spoken to more reporters than BA staff.

"Does it come as a great surprise that it snows in the northern hemisphere?"