Prayers in Scottish Highlands for four climbers who died

A member of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team at the foot of Bidean nam Bian. in the Scottish Highlands, after a serious avalanche Credit: ndrew Milligan/PA Wire

Prayers will be held in the Scottish Highlands for four climbers who were swept to their deaths in an avalanche. The Rev Moira Herkes, who will lead a service at St Munda's Church in Glencoe, said it was "the worst accident to happen here for many years".

The climbers were among a party of six on Bidean Nam Bian, a mountain near Glencoe. It is believed they were descending from a peak on the south side of the valley when the snow-covered slope they were crossing broke away, engulfing five of them and sending them hundreds of feet down the mountain.


Fourth avalanche victim named

The fourth victim who died in an avalanche in the Scottish Highlands on Saturday has been named by Northern Constabulary as Dr Rachel Majumdar. A fifth person remains in a critical condition.