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7,000 children need homes

7,000 children are currently waiting to be adopted, according to Children's charity Barnardos. It is the highest number of children since 2007. The charity are launching a campaign to encourage more people to consider adoption.

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Children more likely to be adopted under four years old

According to children's charity Barnardos, children in need of adoption are being left to grow up without a family because of their ethnicity, age, disability or brothers and sisters.

  • A white child is three times more likely to be adopted as a black child
  • The proportion of children being adopted drops from one in three when a child is age four or younger to one in 15 when that child turns five
  • Approximately 40 per cent of children waiting for a new permanent family have some form of special need
  • Nearly fifty per cent of the children on the adoption register are in sibling groups
  • Two out of three fostering services have to split brothers and sisters up because there are not enough foster carers willing to take siblings

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