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Suicide bombers attack Kabul

An attack involving at least three suicide bombers and a powerful car bomb took aim at the headquarters of the Kabul traffic department, followed by a clash between at least one insurgent and security forces, police said.

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Forces 'increasingly targeted' ahead of withdrawal

Afghan insurgents could increasingly target the country's security forces ahead of the withdrawal of foreign troops, according to NATO. The warning comes after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a police building in the capital Kabul.

The last two attacks we have seen were indeed against Afghan government installations, if this is a trend, we don't know, this would be speculation, but it's very clear that the more and more the Afghan security forces are getting into the lead the more they are targeted by the insurgents.

The Afghan security forces are doing a great job pressuring the insurgency, we will continue to train them to assist and advise them, and we are confident that they will be very capable when taking over the full security of Afghanistan in the middle of this year.


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